Once upon a time the famous designer, writer and actor — Will Harris wrote an article, which was translated for many world's languages.



«How to (and not to) work with a designer» .pdf


Lately I started showing a copy of it to my customers. That is still one and only true story for the designer&customer collaboration.


«Imagine that you're Christopher Columbus. You arrive in the New World and are so disappointed there are none of the oriental silks and spices you came looking for that you turn around and go home, missing all the wonders of the New World...


That’s what happens when you have preconceived notions about design. You can end up with something that’s better, but not see or appreciate because you’re only focusing on the fact that it’s not what you had in mind. That’s just one of the mistakes people make when they work with a designer.»



It's an indispensable condition. This makes both of us sure that work will be done at time and the full price will be payed.


More designs — more payments

Be ready to pay for each design if you want to have an option to choose.


How it operates

There are only you as a customer, me as a designer and the project we work on. If there comes different person as a customer, or you change terms and conditions, I'm free to quit.



«Designers aren’t just people who can use graphics programs, and if you treat them that way, they will become people who just want to receive a check.»